Mar 12, 2018

Voxtel Inc. Selects Pixelligent Technologies for New Graded Index Lens Applications

Baltimore, Maryland – Pixelligent, the leading high-index advanced materials manufacturer, announced today that Voxtel Inc., a leading supplier of advanced optical and detector technology, has integrated Pixelligent’s PixClear® into its VIRGO graded refractive index lens products. Voxtel’s subsidiary VadientOptics will incorporate Pixelligent’s capped zirconia nanocrystal into its VIRGO graded index lens products, delivering both dramatically higher focusing power and reduced weight when compared to conventional lens assemblies.

Optics have become a $36 billion worldwide market with new applications increasing the performance demands for new optical designs and products every year. Vadient Optics expects these Virgo 3D GRIN optical lenses to find success in military and sport optics, medical imaging, computational imaging, custom optics, smart phone optics and Solid State Lighting segments.

“Our proprietary additive manufacturing platform produces freeform-gradient-optics for making both leading edge light-field-lens-arrays, as well as more traditional compact and lightweight eyepieces and objective-lens systems. This platform requires highly defined and consistent optical properties to deliver high yields, predictable and consistent quality, and a vast array of custom products. Pixelligent’s Zirconia nanocomposites provide a significantly higher refractive index versus regular acrylate resins and enables Vadient Optics the dispersion compensation required to correct color aberration over the visual spectrum, a Voxtel patented technology. Pixelligent has been an excellent partner, consistently delivering the highest quality zirconia nanodispersions that meet all of our stringent high-refractive index and high transparency requirements,” said Paul Harmon, Vice President of Vadient Optics.

“This is another great example of Pixelligent’s patented PixClear® Zirconia dispersions enabling an innovative product from our customers. We worked closely with Voxtel over a number of years and were able to deliver a ZrO2 nanocomposite that is compatible with VadientOptic’s specific formulation requirements and help them deliver to the next generation of high refractive – graded-index 3D lenses to their customers. Voxtel is also the first customer to integrate our PixClear® materials into an additive manufacturing application, a rapidly emerging field where we are experiencing great interest,” said Shree Deshpande, Vice President of Business Development at Pixelligent.

Voxtel will be releasing the new graded index products in 2018. They will highlight their technology at the 2018 Quantum Dots Forum in San Diego March 13-14th in a talk titled “SWIR, X-SWIR and MWIR Nanocrystal Imagers” by Nanditha Dissanayake, Lead Scientist, at Voxtel Inc.

About Voxtel, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Voxtel, Inc. of Beaverton, Ore., is a leading supplier of laser-ranging and 3D-imaging systems, eyesafe DPSS lasers, avalanche photodiode (APD) InGaAs detectors and scanned lidar and laser-ranging photoreceivers, and focal plane arrays (FPAs).
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About Pixelligent Technologies

Pixelligent Technologies is the leading high-index advanced materials manufacturer that leverages nanomaterials to develop the world’s best dispersion technology for next generation products in OLED and HD display, OLED and LED lighting, and optical coatings and films applications. Pixelligent’s PixClear® zirconia dispersions deliver the highest possible light extraction, near perfect transmission, increased mechanical strength, and dramatic improvements in overall operating efficiencies. The PixClear® nanocomposites can also easily be incorporated into the solvents, polymers/monomers, and manufacturing processes most commonly used in electronics manufacturing. For more information on Pixelligent, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Pixelligent.

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