May 07, 2015

Pixelligent Technologies Announces $1M Phase-II OLED Lighting Award from The US Department of Energy

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Baltimore, Maryland – Pixelligent Technologies announced today that it has been selected for a Phase II Solid State Lighting award from the US Department of Energy to support the development of advanced light-extraction materials for OLED Lighting. Pixelligent has partnered with OLEDWorks for this grant, which follows work on a Phase I award from September 2014.

More details of the award can be found on the DOE SSL website:

“Pixelligent has further demonstrated its leadership in the OLED Lighting industry with its selection by the Department of Energy for this Phase-II award. This grant will allow Pixelligent to accelerate the development of next-generation materials that are essential to bring OLED Lighting to consumers at competitive prices,” said Craig Bandes, President & CEO of Pixelligent Technologies. “We are excited to partner again with OLEDWorks to further develop and optimize our advanced light extraction materials and commercialize this technology,” added Gregory Cooper PhD, Founder & CTO of Pixelligent Technologies.

The goal of this project is to continue development of a novel light extraction design that improves light extraction efficiency of OLED lighting devices by more than 200%. The structure achieves these benefits without negatively impacting the device voltage, efficiency or angular color temperature. In addition, these materials will be fully compatible with OLED device manufacturing processes and operating conditions.

About Pixelligent Technologies, LLC

Pixelligent is an advanced materials company that is leveraging nanotechnology to deliver the next generation of high index materials for Solid-State Lighting and Optical Components and Films applications. Pixelligent’s PixClear™ Zirconia dispersions can be easily incorporated into the most commonly used polymers, including silicones, acrylics, and epoxies, all while using industry standard manufacturing processes.

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