PFAS-Free & Loving it!

@Pixelligent not only do our advanced nanocomposites deliver the best optical properties on the market, they are PFAS-free. That’s right. Free of the per-and- polyfluoroalkyl (AKA, PFAS, or “forever chemicals”) substances commonly found in myriad products and known to harm humans and the environment. You see, from the beginning we set out to do things differently and few things motivated us to work harder than being told “that’s impossible”. We heard it a lot – especially when it came to our resolve to innovate “clean materials”.


Of course, we’ve confronted our share of brick walls on our journey – the whole team has the scars to prove it. We simply believed there was a better way to invent and manufacture materials that could change the world without leaving a toxic footprint. And we’ve been relentless about executing.


Along the way, we are the first and still the sole nano-manufacturer to receive the Manufacturer of the Year award from the Manufacturing Leadership Council. And just last month our newest product, PixCor™ was recognized by the Society for Information Display with the Component of the Year award for 2024. That’s on top of being acknowledged by the Department of Energy for the enabling promise of our lubricant additives in wind turbines and EV’s.


The awards and acknowledgments are a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the Pixelligent team. And while we are humbled and grateful for the accolades, there’s a special pride in being honored and earning the respect of leading consumer electronics companies, while also leaving a nano footprint on the environment, especially when compared to the overall chemical industry.


PFAS and other materials that have been identified as harmful to the planet aren’t welcome at Pixelligent. They never will be.


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