On the Shoulders of Giants

Next week marks the 61st Display Week conference. Six decades since display technologists first gathered to dazzle the world with their innovations. While CRT TVs likely commanded the stage in 1962, today’s spotlight falls on mobile consumer electronics and extended reality (XR) devices enabled by OLED, MicroLED, and other display technologies.

It is thrilling to be part of the innovation ecosystem with advanced materials that enable the displays. Along with our peers in the display supply chain, we stand on the shoulders of giants. So, there is no place we would rather be than LA for Display Week 2023.

From our spot in the materials universe, XR is today’s hot topic. As an area of intense customer activity for us, it has ignited our innovation capacity in a big way. The stakes are high. Materials for the displays must deliver high refractive index (RI) values, as well as transparency, viscosities, AND robust mechanical properties in volume production.

High-RI materials are especially critical. Apart from influencing brightness, optical clarity, operating efficiencies, and performance, a high RI value can expand the field of view by 60 degrees. This dramatically improves image quality and the stability of the XR device.

Until now, inkjet and nanoimprint manufacturing technologies relied on polymer-based materials. RIs for these materials typically top out at 1.5. In contrast, we pioneered our PixJet® and PixNIL® products to deliver RIs ranging from 1.65 to 2.0. What’s more, they are geared for display mass production and optimized for use in inkjet printers. The values are achieved while maintaining standard liquid inkjet and nanoimprint properties, as well as robust UV-curable film characteristics.

We will have much more to say about our materials at Display Week and will host guests at our hospitality suite. In addition, CEO Craig will participate in the Business Conference on Wednesday 24th to emphasize how our materials are enabling next-generation consumer electronics products. On the same afternoon, he will join leaders on the Women in Technology.

To schedule a briefing, please contact Alex Everett at aeverett@pixelligent.com.

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