Pixelligent Expands PixClear Product Family

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Since the launch of PixClear™ in March 2013, Pixelligent has doubled its customer base, bringing the total number of customers to more than 50 worldwide. Pixelligent is working with leading global electronic device and materials companies to improve the performance and efficiency of advanced electronic devices and protective films.

“The expansion of the PixClear™ product family has been in response to the overwhelming success of the initial PixClear™ product launch just over 90 days ago. The addition of these products further reinforces Pixelligent’s commitment to deliver next generation products that enable our customers to deliver new functionality and introduce new applications to their end users. The significant growth of our customer base clearly demonstrates the commercial impact our technology is having in our target markets,” commented Craig Bandes, President & CEO of Pixelligent.

PixClear™ and our custom dispersions are currently being used in touch screens, CMOS image sensors, HB LED and OLED applications, and clear protective films. When incorporated into modern touch screens and displays, the nanoadditives significantly increase light output and readability. PixClear™ also increases the light output and efficiency of lighting applications such as HB LEDs and OLEDs, and when incorporated into clear protective films significantly reduces glare/sparkle and improves scratch resistance.

PixClear™ is compatible with many of the most widely used varieties of monomers and polymers. Our proprietary dispersions enable Pixelligent to deliver highly transparent formulations with nanocrystal loadings in excess of 80% by weight, while reaching a refractive index as high as 1.85, both of which are levels that are unmatched in the industry. Additionally, PixClear™ provides great flexibility for index matching dissimilar materials and is compatible with modern high-speed polymer film forming techniques and most standard manufacturing processes.

PixClear™ Advantages:

· High refractive index, 1.85+

· Highly transparent at visible wavelengths

· Low haze coating even at high nanocrystal loading, 80%+

· Improved scratch resistance and hardness

· Easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes

All four formulations of PixClear™ and PixClear™ 4CAP can be ordered online at www.pixelligent.com.

August 8, 2013

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