Innovation Spotlight: Pixelligent’s Next Generation Nanocrystal Additives

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TechConnect Innovation Tracking:  Pixelligent, a TechConnect Accelerator participant

Pixelligent is an innovator in manufacturing high-quality nanocrystal additives and polymer nanocomposites. The company makes nanocrystals in numerous shapes and sizes – ranging from 2nm to 10nm – and to their knowledge, they are the first company to demonstrate the ability to scale these materials and combine them with various polymers to make commercially viable, next generation, high-performance additives. Pixelligent’s nanocrystal additives and nanocomposites are being evaluated for applications ranging from next generation lighting, to brighter and more efficient displays, to more powerful semiconductors, to the most advanced protective coatings and lubricants.

Since moving operations to Baltimore in June 2011, Pixelligent has expanded its footprint to include more than 13,000 sq. ft. and has increased its workforce by nearly 150%. Craig Bandes, President & CEO of Pixelligent, tells TechConnect News, “Pixelligent is poised to take a leading role in this next phase of the ‘nanotech revolution’ as we continue to scale-up our manufacturing capacity to meet the increased demand for our high-quality nanocrystal additives. We’ve received strong support from both the local Baltimore investment community and federal government, which has contributed to the emergence of our company as a technology leader in this space.” Prior to opening the Baltimore facility, Pixelligent was an incubator company based at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.

Within the last six months, the company has grown its customer pipeline by more than ten times – including the addition of five of the largest multinational chemical/polymer manufacturing companies. Today, Pixelligent is shipping their materials to more than 25 customers all over the world, with 40% of their clients based in Asia.

Pixelligent has been successful in both attracting federal funding and forming new corporate partnerships.  In 2009, Pixelligent received an $8 Million NIST award. This past February, Pixelligent announced its joint collaboration with Brewer Science, a global technology leader in the microelectronics industry.  Together, they have created a next generation spin-on hard mask to improve functionality in the semiconductor industry.

Mr. Bandes and Pixelligent have presented and exhibited at TechConnect World for several years, and he notes that what brings them back is the “consistent, high quality attendees we are able to meet with onsite.” Since presenting at TechConnect World 2012 in Santa Clara, Craig has developed many partnerships with key influencers, had funding discussions with potential investors, and closed five new customers for Pixelligent.

By Jennifer Rocha on October 24, 2012

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