Why Zirconia Dispersions?

We create precisely controlled zirconia nanocrystals and disperse them into polymers to produce crystal clear dispersions and deliver revolutionary optical properties.

Zirconia possesses a unique combination of physical and chemical properties, including high refractive index, high optical transparency from UV to infrared, high dielectric constant, high hardness, and high chemical inertness, allowing for uses in a broad array of applications.


Incorporating Pixelligent’s products into existing materials creates unparalleled optical properties, including high refractive index, near-perfect optical clarity, and polymer-like processability. The optoelectronics industry has been searching for a high-RI material with this combination of benefits, which is required to enable the next generation of solid state lighting, display, and optical applications.

The PixClearProcess™ Nanotechnology Platform

  1. Nanocrystal synthesis

    Pixelligent’s breakthrough technology is based on its ability to synthesize sub 10 nm metal oxide nanocrystals and control the surface chemistry of these particles. Our award-winning platform delivers the world’s leading capped ZrO2 nanocrystals for high refractive index applications.

  2. Surface treatment and capping

    The ability to bond a vast array of capping agents to the nanocrystal surface, combined with Pixelligent’s control of particle shape and size has enabled the next generation of composite technology without the inefficiencies and trade-offs that have defined composites for the past 50 years.

  3. Dispersion and application engineering

    Pixelligent’s proprietary nanocrystals can easily be incorporated into the solvents, both polar and non-polar, and the polymers/monomers most commonly used in electronics manufacturing including: acrylics, silicones, siloxanes and epoxies. Depending on the application requirement, Pixelligent can achieve weight loadings of >80% while delivering a solution processable material with near-perfect transparency (greater than 95%+).

  4. High-volume manufacturing

    Pixelligent’s product and manufacturing technologies balance the 4 key objectives of Health& Safety Compliance, Quality, Volume and Cost to produce numerous metal oxide nanocrystals. With the PixClearProcess, Pixelligent has fully scaled its high refractive index ZrO2 dispersion materials. By leveraging our PixClearProcess™ services, Pixelligent’s customers can efficiently tune and magnify the desired optical, mechanical, electrical, and numerous other properties of their formulations, at unprecedented levels of precision.

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