• June 11, 2018

    15 Nanotechnology Companies Getting Funding in 2018

    Elon Musk said “nanotechnology is BS” a few weeks ago, and suddenly everyone wants to talk about nanotechnology again. When we first heard…

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  • April 26, 2018

    Can OLED display be brighter?

    These materials, which sit between the glass or thin-film encapsulation layer of an OLED device and the ITO conductive layer, contain nanoparticles combined with polymer materials that can create ‘lenses’ which are expected to improve light extraction efficiency for OLED devices by at least 50%, and can be applied to a number of other large applications, particularly in lighting. As with many technologies, scaling lab processes to mass production levels has proven to be challenging however a small US company, Pixelligent seems to have been able to produce these materials in volume, having been funded in part, by grants from the DOD and DOE, and most recently by Japanese Display chemical producer Tokyo Ohka Kogyo and ink-jet printer producer Kateeva.

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