Pixelligent is producing proprietary, groundbreaking nanocrystal dispersions for the flat panel display market. Poorly matched materials in display devices can lead to glare, increased haze, lower brightness, reduced luminescence and wasted energy and can even result in premature device failure. There has never been a greater need to match the refractive indices between polymer films and inorganic materials which can significantly improve the light output and readability of modern touch screens and displays.

Target applications include:

  • High index composite layers to hide patterned ITO
  • High index composite layers to reduce haze for ITO alternative transparent conductive films
  • High index composite layers which dramatically improve the performance of light extraction structures in OLED displays
  • Index matched adhesives and films to improve light output for displays
  • Hardcoats for abrasion and scratch resistance even at low loadings

Why use Pixelligent PixClearâ„¢? Our synthesis and surface modification technology results in highly dispersible nanocrystals:

  • PixClearâ„¢-PG and PixClearâ„¢-PB are compatible with many acrylic and epoxy polymers used in flat panel display applications
  • The ability to form high RI films (>1.85) with high optical transparency (>95%) and low haze even at loading in excess of 80wt%
  • Minimal-to-zero impact on viscosity
  • No agglomeration of nanocrystals resulting in optically pure dispersions

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